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A new home is a major investment with great potential to appreciate in value. By including the HOME of Texas Limited Warranty on your new home, Princeton City Homes backs up their reputation with a written insured warranty. This warranty assures the homeowner that warranted defects will be corrected according to specified guidelines throughout the term of the warranty. The HOME Limited Warranty is available only through approved Members of the HOME program. To qualify, builders must meet stringent membership criteria including Professional Building Ethics, Financial Stability, and Technical Competence. Additionally, Members are re-screened annually to assure that they continue to meet these standards as years go by.Princeton City Homes is proud to be a Member of the HOME Warranty Program. When you are provided with a HOME Limited Warranty, you can be certain that your home was built by a quality-conscious professional. The HOME of Texas Limited Warranty is fully insured by Warranty Underwriters Insurance Corporation (WUIC), a Texas P & C company, which is approved and audited by the Texas Department of Insurance. Builders in the HOME program have an excellent record of fulfilling the terms of the warranty; however, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes prevent a builder from keeping his or her commitments. As a homeowner, you have the confidence of knowing all warranted items will be covered by HOME’s insurers if the unexpected occurs.

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Items identified by homeowners may not be warrantable.It is the responsibility of the homeowners to describe in detail the location of the matter and provide a description of the request for warranty. Please use the following fields:
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By clicking "Submit" and sending this form, I/We understand that any items identified in this list may not be warrantable. If items are considered non-warranty items, Princeton City Homes is not and shall not be held responsible or liable for any fees, charges, or expenses associated with non-warranty work performed by anyone. Also, I/We understand that any verbal communications to the warranty division are not recognized as a warranty service request.

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